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About Ishigaki
Ishigaki island belongs to Okinawa prefecture and is one of the most southern points of Japan. The green mountains, the colorful coral reefs and the relaxed atmosphere make Ishigaki a unique island in the tropical pacific. With a water temperature between 23 - 29 degrees, blue sky and a lot of sunshine, Ishigaki is an "all around the year destination". There is no stressful hectic, traffic jams or overcrowded places. Pure nature, exotic fruits, fresh air and Japanese culture.
Ishigaki's best  sightseeing spots
ishigaki kabira bay
⑫ Kabira bay : famous bay for it's emerald green water and view points. The glass bottom boats offer the service to see the underwater world without getting wet. 
hirakubo lighthouse ishigaki
tamatorisaki observatory ishigaki
ishigaki uganzaki lighthouse
natural waterfall in Ishigaki
sculpture park in ishigaki
yaeyama palm tree park in Ishigaki
mount Omoto ishigaki
shiraho sunday market ishigaki
⑪ Uganzaki lighthouse : one of the best spot to watch the sunset over the sea. Very picturesque rock formation. On a clear day neighbor islands can be seen.
Tamatorisaki observatory : Spectacular view over ocean and mountains. Very good to observe shooting stars as well.
③ Yaeyama palm tree park : Visit the endemic palm trees with a hight up to 20m. Another highlight is a shop with tasty sugar cane juice.
Ishigaki limestone cave : This stalactite cave was formed throughout over 200.000 years. Natural sculptures of water and stone make it a fantastic place. Entrance fee 1080 yen.
Shiraho sunday market : Meet real locals introducing their food culture and crafts. 
④ Hirakubo lighthouse : Most northern lighthouse in Ishigaki. See the endless ocean. Good spot for delicious ice-cream.
Mount Nozoko Ma-pe :
Height : 282m
Time : around 20 mins hike to the top.This hike is for everybody. Amazing view over both sides of the island.
Mount Omoto :
Height : 528m (highest mountain in Okinawa prefecture) 
​Time : around 70mins hike to the top. 
ishigaki limestone cave
ishigaki Nagura bay mangrove
Nagura bay mangrove​ : take a short walk around this subtropical ecosystem. Many animals like crabs, fish and eagle made it their home.
① Natural waterfall : Perfect to take a picture or a very small bath in the middle of the jungle. Fresh water runs into the sea.
② Yonehara sculpture park : Half dog and half lion, Shisa -the guardian, is exposed in multiple ways. 
ishigaki map
mount nosoko
​​✽ There are many other sightseeing spots which are not in this map. For more information or special wishes please feel free to contact us anytime.
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