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T​he turquoise waters around the coastline of Ishigaki offer perfect conditions for snorkeling. The easy entry off the shore, colorful reef inhabitants, warm temperature and stunning visibilities make Ishigaki as one of the best snorkeling spots in Japan.  
​We will take you to the most beautiful reefs for snorkeling.​ Common sightings are sea turtles, lion fish, rays and octopuses. Our snorkeling tours are held in english, japanese, german or spanish.
snorkeling with turtle ishigaki
Snorkeling with turtles.
​price list
​All our snorkeling tours are done by van, as this is the most comfortable way to reach the best spots. We start full-day tour at 8am. Half-day tour at 8am or 2pm. But we are flexible!
Snorkeling tour / half day
9000 yen / person
1 snorkel site, duration 4 hrs, 
Snorkeling tour / full day
​12200 yen / person
2 snorkel sites, duration 6 hrs, 
colorful fish in Ishigaki
Lot's of colorful fish.
Blue cave tour / half day
9000 yen / person
​Blue cave & natural water fall, duration 4 hrs
Blue-cave tour / full day
12200 yen / person
Blue cave & 1 snorkel site
​duration 6 hrs
Sunset/Sunrise snorkeling 
9200 yen / person
1 snorkel site, duration 4 hrs, 
snorkeling tour lunch and snack ishigaki
Our picnic style lunch and snacks with Ishigaki's fresh local foods.
<​Blue cave in Ishigaki>
​The blue cave Ishigaki has an wide opening to the sea side and is half flooded. It's an amazing spot to feel the power of nature. Crystal clear water and dramatic shaped rock formation make it a very special place in Ishigaki.
blue cave in Ishigaki
​Blue Cave inside
Blue Cave Ishigaki
Blue cave entrance
<Sunset snorkeling>
Experiencing the underwater world around sunset shows the coral reefs from a complete different side. Some interesting creatures, we would never see in daylight, getting active. 
sunset snorkeling ishigaki
enjoying the last sun beams
cuttle fish ishigaki
Cuttlefish at sunset
​transport (from your hotel and back)
​cold water, snacks(seasonal island fruit), medical first aid kit, full-day tours include lunch
professional guiding in english, japanese, german or spanish
full snorkel equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit)
​photos which the guide takes during the tour
blue cave ishigaki
Walking through the jungle to the entry point!
​all listed prices above include tax and have to be paid cash.(no more hidden cost)
​all snorkeling tours are subject to the weather conditions. We always choose the safest and most enjoyable snorkel spots.  ​
What to bring
​towels, bikini, swimming wear, sunscreen and sun protection.
enough money to pay the excursion fee.
yamabare reef ishigaki
Yamabare reef​ : 
Home of green sea turtles and beautiful coral garden.
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